Things I smelled today.

What is that always there hotel smell?
All Hilton hotels have a certain smell created by a smell technology company. They seem to turn it off for breakfast but by the time I return tonight it will back to full force.
It smelled bad, like the bad ocean meets the sewer.
Does the whole town make breakfast potatoes in the morning?
Good Sewer Morning!
Down the street to the left is a dumpster. It smells like the basement of the mall I used to work at. All the dumpsters were on the smelly loading dock.
I have been waiting for this sandwich for a year. The smell, and taste, is crazy good.
No caption needed.

4 thoughts on “Things I smelled today.

  1. Nothing smells like the loading dock of a mall basement. And I never thought about the Hilton smell before, but I’ll never be able to smell it the same way again.


  2. I like the pics and the smells that go along with them. Looks like you are at a conference; maybe we’re going to the same one. I will soon be experiencing the same smells and look forward to it. I’ll be adding the smell of a book signed by an author!


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