I wonder

What do they make in the dog kitchen? In my head I see a bunch of dogs standing in front of a huge English cooker all day.
There was this exact pool of water in the same spot last year. 365 days later same water. What gives?
What is it like to climb way up there every day?
Holy cow, what a large drill.
A mash up of two worlds.
It the alley time forgot. Why has this not been paved? Was it ever paved?
I wonder…is this how zombies are made?
Salesforce… I would be less than happy to be a Salesforce employee and see this. Was spending a ton of money on this during massive layoffs a good idea?
These nails are all over randomly places in the sidewalks. Why?
Do people pick and eat this?

2 thoughts on “I wonder

  1. I was intrigued by your short “I wonder…” this post has left me with even more wonders. Is that really the same water in the puddle? Or just the same low spot?


  2. Top-notch noticing & wondering. The way I scrolled through this slice, I kept trying to generate my own captions before I rolled down to yours.


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