Things I Saw Today

Professional? What makes TP professional? I assume making it as thin as possible is the professional thing?
I fixed it! I am not sure this qualifies as coffee.
This disgusting window. Sometimes you need to look beyond what is right in front of you to what is beyond.
You can sneak a peek, there are people deep inside creating the foundation.
Everything is wrapped in plastic. What does all of this look like after two weeks of SXSW?
You see old gum, I see micro particles of precious metals. There are micro bits of gold in all of this gum.

Saw these people practicing.
This bridge has something like 1.5 million bats hanging on below. Did the engineers design for that extra weight!?
Pretty sure this is a secret passage to another world.

4 thoughts on “Things I Saw Today

  1. I love this format and the revisions to your coffee cup (which, I must point out, a non-human, ChatGPT-type writer wouldn’t have been able to do…). Enjoy the conference and bring back lots of new ideas!!!


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