Mystery Liquids

I never sit on any seat in any classroom without first checking it, there are always odd liquids in every building. Sometimes it is just spilled water, other times it is better to be left at a mystery.

There is a mystery liquid that has fascinated me for a long time.

A few year back central office was moved into a new building built on what was a grocery store that was built on sinkholes, allegedly.

I am sure some of this is due to hydrostatic pressure but there is always liquid oozing out of the ground year round. I am tempted to get it tested to see what is contained within it. If you look closely you can see it is different colors, almost reminds me of what you might see deep in a cave.

You can see the horizontal lines and the run off.

A little closer, this one looks a little sandy. Some of them are kinda whiteish.

A wee bit closer, you can see the layers of whatever is bubbling out.

It is like a slow dripping faucet, so slow that you really can’t see it but overtime you can tell something is up.

One thought on “Mystery Liquids

  1. I love the combinations of photos and words. I never think to incorporate visual images in my slices, but you’re inspiring me to try. I love, too, how you’ve taken something that I probably would just walk past, and elevated it into a slice of life. Another inspiration for me: to look more closely. And your beginning is so great–the lead in with considering all the mystery liquids that are present in schools really drew me in.


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