Buying a book twice on purpose.

These are both my books. One I have read and the other just arrived from Amazon.

I don’t mean ordering a book you forgot you had but ordering a new copy on purpose, like to read.

Seems nutty and something I just don’t tell my wife. She would think this is nuts and I am wasting money.

The book I had read before has all my notes and nightlights in it.

I bought a new copy so I wouldn’t be influenced by my old thinking, I could approach this reread with a fresh set of eyes and ideas.

Once I finish then I can compare notes.

Seems very logical to me.

I feel I might tap into some new discoveries this way.

4 thoughts on “Buying a book twice on purpose.

  1. I’ve not done that on purpose with print books, but I have purposefully purchased an e-book and audiobook of something I owned in print.

    Happy reading!


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