The Power of the Pop

I have this thing with cake. Not angel food or cake with whipped icing. Not grocery store or boxed cake. While they might do in a pinch, they do not really fall into the category of cake. I secretly judge the longevity of a marriage based on the cake served at the reception.

There are many things about me, but this might be the most known Colin fact around.

For my birthday I usually have 2-3 cakes.

I remember many cakes of my life. Once on ship we had a cake for Cinco de Mayo. There was also a cake served if it was your birthday month. These cakes took place back in 1994. I have a memory for cake.

Life needs to be celebrated to the fullest. Cakes make that happen.

Today one of our instructional coaches, Kelly, stopped by the office and brought me this amazing cake pop.

It made the whole entire day better.

I was able to wait about two hours before eating this delicious thing.

What makes a cake pop so good? It is like the took a whole chunk of cake and squeezed it down into a little pop.

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