How did this happen?

Tonight the district was hosting a webinar to discuss the upcoming secondary virtual options for the the 21-22 school year. I was interesting in hearing the new options so I decided to join as a webinar participant.

I was not invited to speak. I was not sent a link to be a panelist. I am not involved in this stage of planning at all. I was just going to listen as a panelist.

I had logged out of all accounts because my son had been using the home computer.

Somehow it put me in as a panelist. And the mic was on. And I yelled.

Really it was just yelling for my daughter who was upstairs so it wasn’t anything terrible but it was loud!

I am usually the one who is setting up all thing tech. I am the one who is on the cutting edge of this but somehow I stumbled into this meeting as a panelist.

It was slightly embarrassing.

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