Everybody needs a woobie.


The best sleep of my life has always been under the stars. Mostly I think it was due to the fact I was dead tired but there is something about the fresh air that makes you sleep deeply.

Many nights we just laid on the ground and slept. Just stopped walking and laid right down. Dirt, mud, water was the bed for the night. No tents and the only time sleeping bags were allowed it had to be 32 or below.

The only thing we carried for sleeping was our poncho liner, aka the woobie.

A poncho liner was just a nylon blanket, wicked thin and usually very old, that you could tie to your poncho for extra warmth.

I bought a woobie on ebay maybe 20 years ago because I missed having one around.

The family might have a quilt to cover up while watching a movie, I’ve got my woobie.

I can’t really articulate why I love it so much. I’m pretty sure you could ask any toddler the same question, they don’t know why but they love it.

We all need a woobie no matter how old we get.

(I sometimes wish I could bring it to work.)

One thought on “Everybody needs a woobie.

  1. I was caught by your title and needed to know what a woobie was 🙂
    I’m wondering how it got its name?

    I certainly know the feeling of having your special blanky/woobie. My special comforting thing is my hanky. Even though I am over 30, it comes with me everywhere and I sleep with it every night.
    Maybe this is the thing that we hold on to to make sure we never fully turn into an adult?


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