Pushing yourself.

I decided to give myself a big push to do something that would physically challenge me.

I have been feeling a little stuck so I thought maybe that adding a little pressure, pain and discomfort was really all I needed.

I got a little nudge from the family and a random dude at a sandwich shop. It really wasn’t anything he said, it was his jacket. His jacket was from the 2017 Marine Corps Marathon. I checked my phone and saw I could enter a lottery to get a spot. Some sites online said it was only a 15-18% chance of getting in. I got in.

It is odd to think I will spend more money than I wish to admit flying the family to DC to watch me suffer for 26.2 miles.

Right now the best part is running at about 4AM most days. It is dark and I’m completely alone. Each day that I run I feel like it is a mini vacation.

Other days, longer runs on Saturday, totally suck.

Maybe this was the little push I needed.

Don’t mistake the push as a personal issue, it is 100% work related.

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