Time and influence.


I was at an elementary school today helping a few people and I spied these bottles in the corner. At first I thought it was one of those reward jars until I looked a little closer.

The jar to the far left represents how many weeks you have from birth to 18. You can figure out the rest.

She had these as a reminder of how much time she has left until her son turns 18. 52 short weeks of influence left. A tiny amount of time and a tremendous amount of influence until he leaves for whatever is next for him.

It got me thinking about the last 52 weeks of my life and this one song came to mind.


The song makes me think of my brother PT. What we wouldn’t give for just 52 more weeks or even 52 minutes.

In a blink of an eye everything changed and he was suddenly gone.

So many things left unsaid.

So many stories not shared.

Those bottles and this song has me thinking about not letting time go by without really holding on to each second.

Sometimes people say there are good times and bad, but what if they are really all good times? The bad usually fades quickly anyway.

Savor the good and it is all good.

(PS – the kids are still not allowed to use their electronic devices. savoring is wicked hard right now but I am trying.)

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