How do I become more like this dog?

dogWe followed this car today for about two miles. Hard to see in this image but on the right side there is a lab leaning out the window. It was cold enough that we could see its breath but that pup didn’t seem to find at all.

We sat right behind this car at two or three stops lights. Each time the dog was so far out the windows his shoulders were fully exposed. The whole time the pup was smelling the air and watch anything and everything that moved.

I spent the day trying to be more like my dog friend. Putting my full self in and taking time to take it all in.

With all my devices buzzing and ringing all day long making it very, very hard to be fully present.

It is kinda like listening, really listening when someone is talking. I feel many of us, me included, are aggressive listeners. We just wait for a pause before we start talking. We don’t talk to be understood, we talk to just talk.

My goal is to be more dog.

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