At Ikea today.


I spent a few hours at Ikea today learning about design.

Here are a few things that stuck with me.

  1. Start with why. Selecting furniture is the very last thing we should be doing but it is usually the first.
  2. Colors – only stick with 3 colors max. Keep your color palette simple.
  3. Make sure you cycle through your anchor charts. When you are finished, take a picture, print and put them into a book/binder. Easy, clean access.
  4. Posture – lean in or back? Each has a purpose. Chairs and stools have a different purpose.

There is a training/PD space that we have our eye on to redesign. We were given advice on how to start that big process.

A few hours on a Saturday where worth giving up for the knowledge gain.

Final thought – we spend millions on curriculum but zero on design. I wonder why that is? Is it lack of understanding? Trust those who built the school knows whats best for kids? I have many more wonderings…

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