Working with humans is hard.

hug day

I sometimes dream of the day when the robots take over. Working with humans is just hard! Sometimes when some will take, take, take but never share, the gets a wee bit annoying. Are we not trying to help the same people?

Hidden agendas? I don’t think the robots will have those.

Two-faced? Nope. Robots have no faces!

(fyi… I’m 100% sure I am guilty of the above. I am human… for now.)

It was one of those days until I opened this little chocolate. It reminded me of something someone told me. You can only control yourself, take charge and make the day something.

There is much out of our control. If life hands you unfortunate things you can react either positively or negatively.

I should have saved that little foil wrapper and put it in my Jar of Awesome.

I chose to give the day a hug and enjoy!

One thought on “Working with humans is hard.

  1. Sorry for a not fun day of dealing with humans. Glad you found a positive message and very glad there was chocolate involved! Keep doing all the great things you do–it’s very much appreciated (side note: robots can’t feel appreciation…and they don’t eat, so there would be a lot less chocolate being passed around…)


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