Sometimes I get frustrated waiting.


It seems the older my kids get the more waiting around I have to do. Somedays they don’t put shoes on until we are walking out the door like it is somehow the first time they have ever left the house. Other days there are times when they forget to brush their teeth and that is the day they decide to actually take the full two minutes to really brush them well. I am not always calm on days like that.

On Wednesdays, my daughter has her lessons so I wait in the car. Sometimes it is freezing cold and other times it is boiling hot.

Today I am waiting as Aidan is practicing percussion which basically means everything in his life is a drum. The counter, back of my car seat, dinner table… it can be rather annoying.

I just paid the bill for this month’s lessons. I kinda shudder at how expensive all of these lessons and equipment are.

Some days it makes me think of my own childhood, my lifelong dream was to play an instrument. That was not in the cards when I grew up for a number of reasons. My bucket list doesn’t have a ton on it. Play an instrument, visit South America and Antartica so I can finish my continent checklist, and a few other things. Maybe that is why I think these experiences are so important for my kids.

Some days I am proud that I can actually afford to pay for the opportunity. I am thankful for the school district that allows me to bring my kids with me to work and how much they value fine arts.

If I can shift my thinking just slightly, the waiting isn’t so bad.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes I get frustrated waiting.

  1. There’s an easy fix for at least part of your wait: Take lessons yourself at the same time Aiden does. It’s never too late to start something new, and you’re there anyway. Get that one crossed off the list!


  2. Everything in life
    is a drum
    beat upon the
    back seat of
    the car, worlds
    in motion to
    four-four time.
    Rimshot carousels
    and kickdrum
    hearts start the story
    in motion, and it’s
    only in the slight gap
    between cymbal crashes
    – where silence invades
    the song —
    that I finally find a line
    that rhymes, before
    my time


    — Line lifting for poems in comments. Excuse the remix.


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  3. I’m with Tim–take music lessons, too! 🙂 Your kids are so lucky to have the opportunity to take these lessons, and I can tell you’re a great role model for them for appreciating the opportunities they’ve been given. Even though the waiting isn’t any fun sometimes, the outcome is always worth it!


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