Today my daughter stayed home sick. I think now I have a problem, Fortnite. I can totally see why the kids talk about it, watch videos of other people playing and can’t wait to get home to play again.

That got us thinking… what if we offered a summer class for teachers? Maybe have them play things like Minecraft and Fortnite, then explore various social media sites. The big idea is to learn a little bit more about the lives their kids lead.

Would this make a difference? Would knowing where your kids are at and investing time exploring those worlds might help make new connections.

It is kinda like showing up at one of your student’s sports games.

Then again maybe it is just a way for me to play these games at work and call it research.

3 thoughts on “Fortnite

  1. I love this idea! I have to say that I just heard of Fortnite earlier today. I’m excited to hear mention of it again. I think you’re so right that it would be good for teachers to spend some time playing the games and using the sites that their students love.

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  2. I laughed out loud when reading this post! My husband is in with my kids right now, trying to play Fortnite and not doing very well. : ) I think I might want to try out this Fortnite phenomenon and do some research of my own.


  3. I’m not sure what Fortnite is yet, but I’m pretty certain by the time I figured it out it won’t be cool anymore…
    I love the idea of putting teachers in kids’ shoes during the summer and having us do some hands on learning! I wonder if we have any kids who might be willing to help teach these courses?
    Hope your daughter’s feeling better! I’m totally imagining that she made her way through two or three novels while you “researched” games today. 🙂


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