I wonder if I am solar powered.

desk for post

This is my desk in the new building. The biggest change is I am no longer looking at a dumpster. My new view is maybe 200 feet of windows which allows all day sunlight to stream in.

One tiny change in perspective is sometimes all it takes.

We have a pretty big meeting coming up that has the potential to shift a lot of our focus for the upcoming year. I am pretty excited about it but also nervous. You know how it goes, people come in with thoughts and ideas and from time to time won’t let go. We are all like that. It is hard to let go.

There was an article I read about brainstorming just last night. The idea was to have the beginning of the meeting just brainstorming questions that you are trying to answer. This small technique helps really focus on what you are striving to do.

Why questions? There are no solutions in the questions.

Just pure questions.

So many times we show up with the solution already in our minds. Sometimes that makes it really difficult to listen to the other voices in the room.

I’m not sure if this technique will work but I am going to try my best to change the focus to some driving questions.

2 thoughts on “I wonder if I am solar powered.

  1. Colin, love your new view AND I just paid a crazy amount of money for that HBR issue in the airport today, just because I wanted to read that article!!! Now it will be the next thing I do when I finish reading posts 🙂 AND I’m thinking of doing a slice that is just questions — when should I do it? What do you think? 🙂


  2. I just started reading the article and I already love it. I’m thinking this might also be a really fantastic thing to try with my class and as a Slice post of my own. Thanks for the inspiration!


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