I understand these plants.

I don’t know what is it about these tiny plants but I love them. I feel they represent so much. I look for them and every year, they are all over the place.

They don’t care that the environment isn’t well suited for them, they just go for it.

Most won’t make it but they have a much better life at risking it all and going for it.

The other plants die over time, slowly rusting as they age.

These have lived a full, and somewhat short, life.

I scrunch down to get a closer look taking picture to remember their brave spirit. I have tons of portraits of tiny plants.

There is a tiny bit of hidden strength if you look down for a second.

I pass this guy every day and it gives me a tiny bit of a spring to my step, my secret spirit guide.

One thought on “I understand these plants.

  1. Beautiful observation. We are both with a starter amount of energy, and then it is up to us to find a supportive or nurturing environment in order to keep going. Not all of us do so well at that. Imagine if you were born without the ability to relocate and just had to make a go of it wherever you are. Could you say it would be better never to try life because it will be short and hard? At times that life feels overwhelmingly hard I have reflected on the end of my life, and whether it should be near or far from the present. To date I choose to live hard rather than not try.


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