Where do we live?

I think we all struggle with figuring out where to live. This struggle occupies most of our waking hours. It consumes so much of our energy.

We are either in the past or the future.

My struggle is figuring out how to live for right now, now is gone in a flash.

Enjoying the ride through town.

Enjoying a meal and a conversation.

Enjoying how the wind smelled with a tiny hint of earth and water.

Today I am pulled into the past as my son asked a ton of questions as we drove around.

I am equally pulled into the Monday after spring break.

I am pulled into the past now. Like most phones, my Pixel creates a sound map. I can scroll back to a recent trip I took and all the songs are there. It is like a snapshot of the past musically laid out.

What is funny is somedays the past memories are all good. Most of the bad just fades.

Maybe that is the lesson, the bad fades.

The bad fades.

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