I know how dogs smell.

Years ago I had this dog, Jingles, and she had this way of drinking in the air.

We would go for a walk and she would stop, point her snout towards the sky and sniff.

I really never understood what she was doing, sometimes it even annoyed me . We were out for a walk and that meant walking not smelling the invisible air.

These past few weeks there have been multiple ice storms followed by multiple AMI/snow days. Cold is the worst season.

Today it topped out at 75. Today I had to travel between few buildings which meant tiny bit of outside weather.

I stepped out of the car, titled my snout back, closed my eyes and smelled deeply. It smelled of summer and hope. I feel we are finally emerging from the deep cold of winter and covid.

2 thoughts on “I know how dogs smell.

  1. I have to admit, you had me at “dog!” Not allowed to have a dog of my own, I live vicariously through the experience of babysitting and spending time with my daughter’s black lab. Not knowing what I was in for, I began reading your post, and instantly knew what you were talking about! Up here in North Conway, NH, it has been an incredibly cold winter with no end in sight. However, on those rare, above 32 degree days, I can see all of us – students and teachers alike – raising our snouts to the sky at recess and breathing in that glorious, sweet-smelling, almost spring invisible air!


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