The First Since 1989

That morning I took a quick pic to show how long my hair had grown over the past year.

Now I have a whole new issue, how the heck to style my hair. This is something totally new to me. I even bought some type of hair paste, I’m sure it isn’t paste but it sure seems like it.

Not perfect but it is kinda close. Not sure about the weird curl that keeps twisting out of control, maybe more paste will solve that!

4 thoughts on “The First Since 1989

  1. What a creative idea for a slice! I have to laugh, though, because it made me think of a picture on my phone that I took a while back when I was at the hairdresser. People would be very frightened if I shared that! Yours, however, looks good. 🙂


  2. I remember struggling — big time — with my son’s hair during the pandemic. Thankfully, my dad swooped in, watched a few YouTube videos, and learned how to cut his hair. However, my son wasn’t big on things like hair paste so I was happy once the salons reopened and we could take him for a real haircut again!


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