5 Years of shots.

When Aidan was young and springtime hit it was the worst. His face would swell and he had a hard time breathing. There were times when he would eat an apple and would complain his throat would feel itchy, a sign of a reaction coming on.

There was at least once when he had pneumonia due to how hard it was for him to just breathe. Weeks upon weeks he had to stay in from recess because the pollen was too thick in the air.

He was on three daily medication, it was the pits.

We took him to an allergist to find out what what going on. Aidan was allergic to everything outside and dogs. We had a dog. A shedding dog.

It was shortly after we got the report when we started shots. In the beginning it was three shots a week. I think that went on for maybe a year. After school we would drive to get shots, wait for 30 minutes to make sure there wasn’t a reaction and then make our way home. It made for a very long day.

That first spring was a world of difference. On a nice day we could actually drive with the windows down. Every recess Aidan was outside. Worth every penny to have him enjoying life again.

As time went on we dropped to just twice a week shots, once a week, to once every few weeks.

After five long years we are finally done!

Five years ago I made him a promise, once we are finished he could order anything on the menu at Andy’s. He could even order two or three if he wanted. Tonight he ordered a large Oreo shake. I am so thankful we have hit this milestone, now on to the next challenge.

8 thoughts on “5 Years of shots.

  1. Struggling to breathe is the worst feeling in the world. I know all about waiting in doctors offices and the toll it takes on your day. Kudos to you and your family for the support and celebration. Happy Spring!

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  2. How amazing! My son has food allergies as well as allergies to everything outdoors and cats and dogs. I was debating about doing the shots because my son does enjoy the outdoors,it’s just that he showers as soon as he comes inside. Has it helped your son with the allergy to dogs? Although we don’t have pets, we do have family members that do and that is always a trigger for him when the visit lasts longer than an hour (which they always do).


  3. That is a great milestone to celebrate! It is a wonderful thing when the kids outgrow their allergies or build up an immunity to the allergens. Enjoy your first spring unencumbered! WOOHOO!!!!


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