Where is my office? I could give you my street address, a ten digit grid or GPS location but that isn’t as accurate as gazing.myself.notebook. Just what3words and you can pinpoint any location on earth.

I had first heard about what3words on a TWiT podcast and thought it was odd. How in the world could three random words be more accurate than using GPS? I use to read maps and knew using the grid squares was the most accurate way to find anything on earth.

This three word location is so good that the emergency services in the UK are using it.

So what is this madness?

The creators created a three meter by three meter grid for the whole earth. They assign three random words to each square. These words create a unique address making it simple and quick to find. Check out their site here.

Just think about this idea for a minute. If you had a student or two approach you with this idea what would you say? Would we encourage them to go deep or shut them down? I fear I would have shut them down because it would have sounded absurd.

I was shocked at how important this idea is. How is it that 75% of the earth has addressing problems? I had no idea until today.

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