Dinner with a senator.

Our family had a dinner with a senator last night. This wasn’t some big fundraiser or public event, it was our family and the senator.

He flew into Chicago and then hopped a Southwest flight to St. Louis. Not familiar with how Southwest boarding worked he was nearly the last on the plane leaving him at the very back of the plane.

Once on the ground everyone quickly stood to exit the jet as fast as possible, or so they thought. The pilot asked everyone to sit as they had two police officers boarding the plane. I’m positive the whole place fell silent as they looked out the window to see multiple vehicles with their lights flashing. I have been on countless jets and have never seen anything like that. The pilot asked the senator to come forward as his security detail waited to escort him to the hotel.

In St. Louis we have a pretty big St. Patrick’s day parade. When the weather is nice the attendance tops 250,000. The parade lasts maybe two to two and a half hours, so many floats and groups participate. They always have a special guest from Ireland, this year it was Aidan Davitt.

Here is the Senator Aidan Davitt with my son Aidan Davitt. To be more specific Senator Aidan Joseph Daivtt with Aidan Joseph Davitt.

While I am not 100% the exact blood connection, I’m thinking he is our second cousin.

We all had a great time talking about family, a little politics and sharing stories.

The restaurant sent two of these to our table. Sometimes it is nice to travel with a senator.

I think my Aidan had a great time although maybe his favorite time of the night came at the very end.

Everywhere in the city Senator Davitt went he had a security team with him. My Aidan got to ride around after dinner in the car. He sat in the front and played with the sirens as they speed through the city streets. I stood outside the restaurant hearing the sounds pop up here and there with a smile on my face, I knew Aidan was having the time of this life.

2 thoughts on “Dinner with a senator.

  1. This is wonderful! What a day to remember for your Aidan. I remember on our cross country trip years ago, I think the highlight of the whole trip for my boys was when someone let them sit on their Honda Goldwing motorcycle. You never know!

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