Ernie – Never Give Up

While I might not be able to relate to the long distances Ernie is running I can understand his why.

I could not embed this video so check it out here on the CBS site.

Ernie talks of the gray lady, LST 325, and this epic journey he is on is to help preserve her. This was the type of ship he was on during WWII and it was a part of his soul.

There is only one left. Only one out of over 1,000. A tiny bit of history this Navy man wants so desperately to perverve.

I can understand. Something about living on a ship seeps into your soul.

I love the idea of this, so dedicated to something you give your all.

One thought on “Ernie – Never Give Up

  1. “Something about living on a ship seeps into your soul.” I have never lived on a ship, but I have read the Master and Commander series by Patrick O’Brian and I am married to someone who dreams of living on a ship. Ernie’s story just makes that all more powerful. Thank you for sharing it.

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