Does he get bigger or the pizza smaller?

Back in 2013 my son wanted pizza for his family birthday party and my aunt said she would take care of it but would only buy one. I was a tad nervous until I saw the size of this thing, it was unreal.

2014 he wanted the same exact pizza.

and again in 2015

2016 was more of the same




Last night Aidan was pretty certain the pizza was getting smaller, it wasn’t that he was growing.

3 thoughts on “Does he get bigger or the pizza smaller?

  1. I love that you take the same picture every year! The expression on his face in the first one is priceless! Can you still get away with only one of those???


  2. What a neat slice! 🙂 It is a treat for us to see your son over the years with the same pizza. Quite a birthday tradition now -way to go auntie! Thanks for sharing this with us!


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