Even more important than penicillin.

I hear people talk about what they believe is the most important discovery or invention. Some joke about sliced bread while others tell the tales of penicillin. Both of those are pretty sweet but today I made my own discovery that pushes things like penicillin to number two.

Today was solo and trio ensemble competition day. Hundreds of local high school kids gathered today to perform. This is one shot of the warm up area, can you hear maybe fifty instruments all playing individual pieces? It is unlike any other noise I have ever experienced.

Sam had a trio at about ten and her solo at three. We did drive home between the two but that meant I had to sit in the warm up area for a while today. It is so oddly loud it is hard to think, talk or do pretty much anything. I am guessing most of the kids fit right in due to the noise of their own music programs at school.

Today I brought what I firmly believe is the single most important invention so far. Once I slipped these on I was transported to another world, almost as if on vacation. I was able to disappear from the cacophony and enter a tranquil world.

These noise canceling headphones might have saved my life today.

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