I have a black belt in waiting.

There are not too many things I am super good at but I am an expert in waiting.

I stopped by one of our middle schools today to check on a special project and the principal happened to call me just as I was about to leave. As I got to the office I noticed she was in a meeting so I sat down. And waited. And waited.

Some of the staff apologized that I had to wait. I didn’t tell them but I have a secret, I am a master at waiting. I have spent years of my life waiting. I waited in lines to wait in lines.

Here I am somewhere in the middle of some body of water. I sat in the wind tunnel for what seemed like weeks. We had to line up here waiting for chow most every day. There were days when all we had on where short and t shirts freezing in the 80+ degree weather. Prior to that we spent a month or two in 120+ degree weather so a 40 degree drop was pretty big.

I spent some days just standing in one line only to move to the next line. I stood in line to get paid one day only to find they had run out of everything but five dollar bills. We didn’t have bank accounts at the time so they had to pay us in cash. I had a huge wad of bills stuff into my Super Mario wallet. I felt wealthy.

Wait a few extra minutes for a principal? No problem.

3 thoughts on “I have a black belt in waiting.

  1. Wow — you’ve done some of the most important, most high stakes waiting there is. So a few minutes in a comfortable office must seem so easy to embrace. I love that you included waiting pictures, too — they add to your Slice.


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