Tiny conversations

Today is one of those days that never ends. Get to campus a bit after seven in the morning and will leave after eight tonight. I know many of you can relate at how long the days stretches when the kids have a concert or an event at night. The day just doesn’t end.

The one tiny advantage is we have to go out for dinner. Tonight it was just Sam and I. The downside is it had to be somewhat fast so there wasn’t a lot of time.

It is funny, some days Sammi is a fountain of words, just non-stop talking. No one really needs to listen she will just talk. Tonight was the opposite, just single one-syllable word answers. Her mood was fine but I guess she just didn’t want to talk that much.

But at one point she did just spirt this long-winded story about something. I can’t remember what it was about and it really didn’t matter. It was like a golden moment in time. Somewhere deep inside I got a little sad. I started to realize that we only have a few short years left and then she is off to whatever comes next after high school. Somewhere deep inside I started missing her.

One thought on “Tiny conversations

  1. This was a sweet slice. I definitely get your long days–it’s parent conference time at my school. I have a baby daughter, and I am looking forward to the days when we can eat together and talk together. My daughter now has plenty to say to me, but I don’t know what she is saying…


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