There is something about places a little off the common path. I like those places that are not so cute and maybe could use a fresh coat of paint. I like a place with a little character. This is one of those places.

My kids have been coming here for years, a no nonsense karate studio. It isn’t fancy, it is gritty.

There are times when it is hard to watch. Seeing your kids struggling through mental and physical challenges isn’t always easy.

On the other side I have seen my daughter side step the girl drama and stand up for herself. I have seen her grown more confident.

As I watched them last night I started to wonder what their next challenges might be. One is very concerned about school and grades, maybe hers could be to let go a little and invest time in some other things. My son is pretty much the opposite, isn’t concerned about school at all. Not sure what his challenge might be other than those presented to him in Fortnite.

2 thoughts on “Gritty

  1. I love how you’ve tied together the photo, the memories, and your thoughts with one big idea – gritty. Also, I need to find a no-nonsense karate studio for my kids–and me!


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