Can’t imagine

A few years ago one of the teachers started a history alive program. Over the years I have heard many great stories. Today was WWII and I was shocked. Years ago we had the lobby filled, this year there was maybe only a dozen.

This officer was telling us stories of the 30+ missions he flew during the war. I had no idea how many B-17s they would launch at any given time. One mission there were so many planes in the air he had to fly from one end of England to the other just to make room in the air.

At one point he ran out of fuel and another story was when the airfield was bombed by the Germans. Everything was destroyed.

I can’t imagine being 21-22 and flying a B-17 on that many missions. I can’t imagine being on leave and seeing gold star after gold star in the old neighborhood. I can’t imagine having to ration food.

These stories help me refocus on what is right about the world we live in. There are many like this man, putting others before himself.

4 thoughts on “Can’t imagine

  1. I can’t imagine either. There are only a few left to tell us. So glad you and your students are listening. Yes it is good to refocus on what’s right about the world we live in! There’s a lot there – if we look and listen.


  2. How interesting to hear these stories! My fourth graders are currently fascinated by World War II–I may take some of these details into my classroom to share with them! It’s so fabulous for students to get to hear about history from the people who were there, and to realize that history is made by ordinary people and their choices.


  3. Your photograph of the officer tells much of your story. Thank you for sharing an insightful summary of what he told you and your students. A valuable thing, indeed, re-telling these experiences for the next generation and the next…


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