Are we just wishing for something that isn’t there?

salt on the roads

I drove to work today on heavily salted roads. The last two days they predicted freezing rain and snow that never materialized. There must a million gallons of brine on the roads. So much that I think I can taste it. I honestly think the air is slightly sweeter today than it was just twenty-four hours ago.

I know this isn’t true but sometimes your mind just fills in the cracks.

That sweetness is like missing a loved one who is gone. While things were not always great, sometimes many months would go by without even a single word passed between, the sweetness rises to the top.

That is what I am choosing to look at, the sweetness of life.

Today I’m taking the grime of the road to remind myself that life is sweet. It is all about perspective.

4 thoughts on “Are we just wishing for something that isn’t there?

  1. So true, especially in this day and age! Perspective is everything! And it’s so true, what you said about a loved one…sometimes, you only remember the sweet stuff. Perhaps it’s better that way. Thanks so much for sharing!


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