Tis a soft rain.

tis rain.jpg

People said my Grandfather had an accent but I never heard it, he was just Gramps to us.

While he did grow up overseas he sounded just like everyone else, no accent. Thinking back on it now I wonder how it was even possible. How did I miss it?

After I got out of the service Gramps and I traveled back home to visit the family, many of these people I had never met.

I remember hearing all of them speak, accents all around but never for Gramps.

I wonder how many things, good and otherwise, in my life that I do not see anymore. Kinda like the pile of papers on the counter that isn’t there until company knocks on the door. You know what I’m talking about.

Not sure how to see the unseen and unhearable but I’m going to try.

A gentle rain was falling the other night and that reminded me of Gramps. Whenever it was misting out he would always say “Tis a soft rain”. Soft rain always reminds me of him.


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