Wet Shoes

It was raining and I decided to still park a mile away and walk to the conference. I knew my feet would be wet but I really didn’t mind.

If it ain’t raining, we ain’t training.
That was our motto for years. We spent days in the rain and mud. It wasn’t too bad while it was warm but in the cold was a totally different experience.

We spent the night outside in the jungle during a tsunami. That was interesting.
Spent hours circling a small building in the rain without any kind of rain gear. The radio was well protected so the higher ups were happy.
I remember laying in a pool of mud while zeroing in the 60. Freezing.
One Friday we were stuck on a hill in the slow, cold rain. They forgot to pick us up.
I am well versed in misery.

Today I had a smile on my face. A few hours of wet feet makes me remember the rain that fell years ago.

Crow, Rocco and I. Sometime in 1992, NTA, Japan.

10 thoughts on “Wet Shoes

  1. I love the line “I am well versed in misery.” Thanks for writing a post that reminds me to be extra appreciative of the fact that there are people who are willing to endure all sorts of discomfort and misery so that my children and I have the freedom to go to our warm, safe, dry schools in a warm, safe car wearing warm, safe rain boots to keep our feet dry on mornings like this one.


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