A Mile To The Conference.

I am super fortunate to be able to attend a library conference downtown St. Louis this week. I know parking can be expensive so I parked about an mile away in an old historic district. This might be the only day this week that isn’t raining so it was a perfect day to walk.
I love this neighborhood and the most of these houses are very close to being 200 years old.

Looking down this street I always wonder what it was like when the main mode of transportation was horse and buggy. Some of the houses still have the large granite block to help riders dismount. I think the only thing they are used for is smashing your car doors on.

Almost into downtown. A short bridge over the tracks.

Always love this part. I used to ride the rails a bit when I was younger. Miss those lazy train trips.

Sadly I am here. Just before I entered the hotel I can see the arch and one of the court houses. 

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