Spent hours on one lesson

Never volunteer for anything, that is one life lesson taught to me in the Corps. 

Well… this year I volunteered to teach a one hour class to a group of 5th graders in one building.. This was my 10th year out of the classroom. It is not like riding a bike! While the class sizes were larger than I anticipated, about 32, I’m making some progress.
I’m doing a pilot for the elementary version of PLTW. Some of the science has been difficult for the kids. I can empathize the teachers who only get 47 minutes to teach a subject before the kids leave for the next subject. Some days it feels like I don’t get anywhere before the bell.
I spent much of today reviewing, testing and creating a lesson that might take a billion years or two hours to complete. 

3 thoughts on “Spent hours on one lesson

  1. PLTW is such a worthy endeavor. Kudos to you. We recently had a PD, at one point watching a TEDtalk about letting kids struggle in order to let them think. When the presenter said “struggle”, I cringed, but then as he went on to make his point, I thought of PLTW and how kids can be such great problem solvers. Stay strong. Your work makes a difference!


  2. Though the workload may be heavy, what you're doing sounds absolutely amazing( and I'm positive the kids must be loving it)! I'd love to come watch a lesson sometime! 🙂


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