some days I hate iTunes!

iTunes – some days I really do not like you.

There is one music teacher who has everything set up in iTunes. Playlists ready to go at one click, tons of music for any occasion.
Backing up and moving these files to another computer isn’t always smooth.
Today I was back to fix a similar issue on a different computer. The best part was the solution suddenly came to me the other day while I was at the gym. Love when that happens.
The fix was just one tiny file, a directory of sorts – that needed to be moved from the old system to the new. Once installed it was like magic. All playlists were filled, missing files suddenly showed up.
My big takeaway was think time. I had to get away from the problem for a bit for the solution to come. Do we give ourselves enough time to do that?
This makes me think a meeting the other day. We jump to solutions so quickly before we really understand the issues. We try to fix things for others removing the opportunity for a struggle. We, the outsiders, force the solution because we believe we know best.
Embrace the struggle. Allow time to pass. Solutions will come.

3 thoughts on “some days I hate iTunes!

  1. This is a lesson I have learned to embrace. I am a fixer and always want quick solutions. However, sometimes waiting will reveal something better. I'm learning to trust the process.



  2. Love this post. Sometimes we need to slow down to find the answers. Counter intuitive to our go-go-go culture. I like these final words from your slice: ” Embrace the struggle. Allow time to pass. Solutions will come.”


  3. I hate Itunes for the same reasons of moving files to another computer! I have switched over to MediaMonkey – a bit different with interface, but much better at organize files and playlists!

    (from hannanabanana,


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