It would be unfortunate if we were all alike.

Someone once told me that I must have a super messy mind as my desk is, in their words, a disaster. The image does not do my desk justice. There is stuff under it, tons of junk all over it and above it isn’t any better.

There was a time in my life that my set up was identical with everyone around me. What was in my left breast pocket was exactly the same as everyone else. Open up my top drawer and theirs, exactly the same contents. Under our beds had the exact same set up, black boots, jungle boots, go fasters (tennis shoes) and then shower shoes. In that order. In that exact order.

I sometimes wonder if my desk organization has anything to do with my past where everything was hyper organized.

Makes me think of that idea that everyone you meet is dealing with a lot more than you ever see. I wonder how many of the behaviors we encounter, the ones that might annoy us, are the result of something in the past. Wouldn’t we be more tolerant if we somehow knew that backstory?

Now how do we get the backstory without prying?