All in.

I’m out of town and saw this guy.

I am all in on this tech, a car that will drive itself and I can just passenger around? How awesome will that be!

No need to worry about getting lost, other drivers or being distracted, the car will handle it all.

Will Driver Ed be a thing of the past? Will we need insurance?

I wonder if car ownership will also be a thing of the past. You just order up a car when you need it. More passengers, just order a bigger car. Bought a ton of stuff at IKEA, no worries, just order a pickup!

I can’t help but wonder if this is how my grandparents felt when they got their first car, radio, tv and on. I’m sure some of their generation fought all the changes and some accepted it.

I am all in on technology that will enable more people and increase the safety for everyone.

2 thoughts on “All in.

  1. Your sense of wonder, curiosity, and thrill were palpable in this piece. I appreciated how you contextualized the experience alongside how our grandparents experienced the new technologies of their day. I haven’t seen these self-driving cars yet, but perhaps they’ll be coming to a neighborhood near you soon!


  2. Great random find. I’m intrigued by the picture, too. My students remind me of my growing technology gap on a daily basis. It’s everything I can do to keep up! Thankfully my own kids know the trends, which gives me a little “foot in the door” of the Cool Kids Club.


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