The days are long and the weeks are short.

The older I get the faster time seems to go.

This is Sammi at the end of her kindergarten year.

She learned to love reading and never spoke in art class. She was so quiet that the teacher thought something was wrong. Besides fearing the art teacher, Sam loved all things school.

One thing that still puts a smile on my face is her breakfast routine. She ate a normal breakfast at our house each morning. Then she would be dropped off at the grandparents to wait for the bus. Grandma seemed to always have mini donuts, so Sammi had breakfast number two. Then school offered a free breakfast which she never turned down. We had no idea this was happening until she started having some massive stomach pains. Turns out school breakfast was not a wise choice for her.

Flash to today. Sammi is off to her to the spring dance, close to wrapping up her K-12 school career.

As this chapter closes another is starting to open.

Even with two elementary teachers as parents, she has picked that as her major next year.

Eighteen years of listening to our stories, not all where full of sunshine, didn’t drive her away from teaching I am not sure anything will.

2 thoughts on “Bookends

  1. The days are long but the years fly by! thank you for the reminder of how precious any time with the kids is. We are just new empty nesters now, and that rings true more than ever. Thank you for sharing your journey with such eloquence.


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