Cold Call

I read this book a while ago about a guy who asked David Goggins to come live with his family for 30 days. The author, Jesse Itzelr, talked about cold calling people he found interesting. The most impressive part is the people on the other end were usually receptive.

A while ago I was getting frustrated with a few things and needed fresh ideas.

I knew there were ideas out there so I sent a few cold emails and was shocked when 90% of the people responded.

So far I have talked with two big tech companies, two universities and a distant school district. I was most impressed at how open they were with sharing ideas and their own struggles with how to grow their organizations.

Three big themes have emerged. Culture, people and focus. In future posts I will go in these in more detail.

I did start looking at the book Culture Code to learn a bit more about what culture might look like and how change up my own approaches.

I also started using Blinkist, it boils down a book in like fifteen minutes.

I love the idea of Blinkist, it helped me focus on some of the main points of a recent book. That started me down a path, wouldn’t this be great for our kids? It is like an appetizer at dinner, it gets you ready to eat and opens you up to new flavors.

One last thought. Much of what I heard was if you don’t have a solid culture, nothing will work. Culture seems to be the foundational piece of everything. My challenge to you, step back and watch how your people move through their day. What happens when they walk the halls, how does the bathrooms look at the end of the day? The cafe floors after all the kids leave? How does staff treat all the people in the building. Who is included and who isn’t? I have started to notice a few interesting trends these past few weeks.

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