Out of gas.

I think we are all in the same car at this point and we are out of gas.

Yesterday the conversations were fast and intense. A lot of speculation.

Today it was intense.

Then the president spoke, national emergency.

The governor spoke, state of emergency.

We are not closing schools at this time. The governor said he would not close. While that is a relief it does nothing to reduce the exhaustive tension.

I drove from building to building today with the gas light on. I knew I should fill up but there wasn’t time.

Went to lunch spot, which as oddly empty, and didn’t fill up.

Drove home and finally stopped to fill up.

As I pumped I wondered how many of us are running just like that, pushing until it is nearly too late.

We don’t stop to care for ourselves as we are constantly taking care of others.

I fear soon we will close and then a number of us, if we are not careful, will be working and on call 24/7. I feel it is the unspoken expectation.

Do I dare to take email off my phone? Do I dare set do not disturb up so I do not even get notifications from the emails, texts, and various messages from constantly buzzing and dinging?

They say to practice self care but I am not sure how at this point.

While I dream of doing just that, I know I won’t.

4 thoughts on “Out of gas.

  1. This is really powerful. I’m in a state that has closed schools for 3 weeks. I would encourage you to take your email off your phone. To protect your mind, your body, your spirit. Thank you for this post.


  2. I think you need to set boundaries for yourself now so that you aren’t on-call 24/7 if you go online. Ive taught online and I have found it to be really hard to do if you aren’t firm with what you need ahead of time.

    Good luck, Colin!


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