Like a palm pilot but better

I know I have apps to organize everything but I usually revert back to something I have been doing forever.

There are many days I spend driving from building to building. During these trip things come to me at random intervals. I know if I don’t write it down right away it will be lost forever.

I think these ideas come to me because it is my only quiet time during the day. The office has a billion distraction. Classrooms and school buildings are full of distractions. My car is quiet and gives me time to think.

I know I could use my phone to take notes and document ideas but for some reason it never works for me.

There are days when I am tempted to start writing above my watch. I always joke when that happens I am just going to go home for the day.

One tiny issue with is that I write cryptically due to the small spot I have to work with. There are times when I just stare unsure of what the heck I was writing.

4 thoughts on “Like a palm pilot but better

  1. The picture says what your words elude to because you never come out and say what we see in the picture. You get close by talking about writing above your watch – this part made me smile. I also love the contrast you create in the busy-ness of the office vs the quiet of the car. It matches your mind and – of course – gives space for your thoughts to surface. Well done!


    1. Thanks for the feedback! I feel contrast as almost a physical thing, car to office is so different. Most of us sit in an open office concept which is very busy. While I like it, sometimes it is too much. The whole area also has this constant static-like noise coming from the ceiling speakers, active noise reduction. Many days it just disappears, some days it drives you to the edge of sanity!


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