How serious are you about preserving the earth?

We have earth day, recycling drives, taking electronics to be taken apart responsibly.

We eat organic fruits. Grass fed beef is on the table from time to time.

Is that where you stop? Can you go farther?

What if there was a way to get the same amount of protein you need but reduce the impact you have on the earth, would you be interested?

What if you could save THOUSANDS of gallons of water per ounce of protein?

Doesn’t that sound better?

Well we bought some flour today. That flour is full of protein, easy on the earth and made from crickets.


The bugs.

Stay tuned… we are making cookies some time this weekend.

5 thoughts on “How serious are you about preserving the earth?

  1. Hmm, make these cookies before you finish the challenge. I want to know how it goes. I agree we need to make a difference but is cricket flour the answer? Cricket burgers to supplement cows which the entire farm to table process soaks up so many natural resources and money but are crickets the answer?


  2. Love where you’ve gone with cricket flour. I’ve been as conscious and working on my family too. Let us know how it goes!


  3. This is way out there; I thought you were lead us to veganism. Is cricket flour more ecological than flour made from grains? At any rate, kudos to you for being adventurous eaters and ones with conscience, no less. It is great that you kids are up to the challenge – that speaks volumes 🙂


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