253 beats per second

We had a sweet day planned. A group of teachers and myself were hitting the road in this awesome rental van. I was driving which I was a little sure of driving something so long.

First stop is an exclusive private school here in St. Louis. Their facilities are off the charts, I really have never seen such things in a K-12 school building.

We were in the basement of the building for a while looking at their maker and robotic spaces, so very impressive. They had all piece of equipment you could ever want.

Next we stopped by a Microsoft corporate office but before you judge you should visit. I’m so impressed and pretty sure that what we have seen is far beyond what Google has to offer. I will post more about this in the future.

We were sitting in their studio when my phone buzzed.

After this came in I stopped listening. His heart was beating 253 beats per second. This means another heart procedure for Aidan. We had the latest only a few months back. While he is only under for about 2-3 hours he has a heck of a time waking back up, that takes hours.

The upside was he told the paramedics how to calm his heart. He first two tries failed so he asked for a syringe without a needle. There is this method that I don’t fully understand, you blow into the cylinder and then quickly raise your feet and like magic the heart returns to normal rhythm.

Our next adventure begins.

6 thoughts on “253 beats per second

  1. All I can say is, “Wow!” I was caught up your descriptions of the exciting facilities and technology when, BAM, you told how everything changed. I felt like my own heart moved up in my chest. Wishing all the best to your family as you navigate this next adventure.

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  2. I loved all your photographs and your documentation of your day and was caught off guard by your text. Your hook drew me in. I hope all is okay.

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