Minus One

Today would have been a big one. I’m sure we would have all traveled to see you and celebrated with at least one cake, at least if I had my way. I always feel that if the celebration has only one cake it is kinda sad. I secretly judge every wedding I go to on the quality of cake. I am to cake as a palm reader is to a hand.

I was going to write 12 things that I remember that makes me laugh but there isn’t energy for that today.

Take every day as it is your last, you never know when it might be.

4 thoughts on “Minus One

  1. I take cake pretty seriously myself and was fortunate enough to share one with my husband this weekend. Thank you for the reminder of just how special that was.

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  2. I am so sorry for your loss. You managed to convey the love you have for this person and the place you hold in your heart for him without ever saying it directly. A beautiful and poignant post. Thank you for sharing so deeply.

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