Now the real fun began.

They kept us awake for most 48 hours to keep us a bit unbalanced.

What I remember the most was breakfast that first day. Everyone was yelling at us but it all soon disappeared. It was like I couldn’t hear the noise all I could see was the food. Three kids of meats. Pancakes, waffles and french toast. Milks, juice and coffee. The list just goes on.

This was something I had signed up for. Three meals a day. A safe place to sleep. Both things that had been missing in my life.

Looking down the line that day I really thought I had it all figured out.

As with most things in the Corps joy lasts but a second. Once we we’re outside we had to drink an entire canteen of water. One quart of water in one go. I can still feel how uncomfortable I was. Not everyone was able to retain thier breakfast.

The reason was a piss test. This was the first of many drug tests we would endure over the next few years. They never caught that many people, it was more about fear and intimidation.

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