I noticed.

I’m at a huge conference this week. I’m here with 22,999 other people. That means there is no quiet time or down time, it is all go time.

There were a bunch of sessions that I was shut out of due to too many people. That is rAther frustrating. It is just as frustrating S trying to type on this iPad keyboard, not very comfortable.

I opted to sit outside the keynote at a little spot with a screen so I could still watch but I didn’t have to be in the big room. To my right is a window overlooking some of the city. I happened to notice some trees and bushes growing on the roof of a building. This isn’t some green initiative but just some rebel greenery that decided the roof was ten best place to take root.

I wish the windows were cleaner so I could get a better shot. What I am seeing is exactly what I needed to see.

These plants are like ideas. Maybe they are they are secretly growing to test out some new root system. Maybe they are a wee bit shy. Maybe they are just sick of the regular old ideas they decided to grow their own way.

Keep your eyes searching. The ideas are out there but maybe not in the places we are always looking.

The world used to be flat but one radical changed that.

6 thoughts on “I noticed.

  1. Gotta love a good quiet spot! Enjoyed your analogy; encouraged to keep my eyes and heart open in everyday spaces!


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