Survived break!

It was a no technology break for the kids. Not because we are some great family or out of some desire to talk more, it was because the kids were breaking rules and being rude.

I was really hoping that after about ten days without social media, Netflix and video games the gravity of their actions would sink in.

Maybe I had forgotten what it was like to be 12 and 14. The world somehow centers on them and they don’t see outside of themselves very well.

Aidan did kinda clean his room. A tiny miracle.

Sammi is playing a board game right now with Aidan. If they actually reach the end of the game without yelling will be another tiny miracle.

I really thought it would be easier as they get older but it seems like it just gets more complicated as the year tic on by.

2 thoughts on “Survived break!

  1. It is something how we are so used to being connected to the outside world through technology whenever we want to be. Don’t know if I could last that long without my gadgets. Hope this worked and lessons were learned.


  2. They may not be able to see this “opportunity” for what it really was now, but I’m sure they won’t forget this Spring Break and will definitely realize someday how much they needed to disconnect for a week.


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