Spring break…

I’m not sure I will survive this break.

We have imposed a no electronics until further notice.

No netflix. No streaming of any video. No social media. No fortnite. No texting friends. Nothing.

The kids were not being nice to us or each other. They did not do the simplest of tasks around the house. They were not following the electronic guidelines so we took all devices and access away.

Today we spent hours doing yard work.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain all day. I’m thinking a trip to the public library.

We have crafty stuff to build and board games to play. I’m thinking that will last about five minutes.

They are playing the game of life right now. It teeters between arguing and laughing.

Feeling this creeping darkness seeping in.

5 thoughts on “Spring break…

  1. First, good for you for taking this action. Second, I’d hate to have to deal w/ this so empathy for you. Third, Cal Newport has lots to say about digital detoxes. It might help to contact him (author of Deep Work) about this for some direction and suggestions for making it work. The going cold turkey will be tough. Will you model the detox for your kids?

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  2. I wish I had something to offer you besides my best wishes. It sounds dreadfully painful–though definitely a character-building experience.


  3. Good for you, for being a parent who takes charge of their children’s digital life and also their character! How about an art project, a family remodeling project, baking cookies, a trip to the gym or the Y? A museum? Wishing you lots of luck!


  4. Ouch.

    My son’s moods are dark and mean when he has too much tech time, and heaven help us if too tired is also part of the equation, so I can envision the road that got the household to this place.

    I’ve said more than once this year that I would happily sacrifice my own technology to the powers that be if my classroom and my own offspring could only use them appropriately and with some hint of self-regulation.

    Godspeed. Good luck.


  5. Yikes. You might hear more complaining over the next few days than you did when the whole district lost our wifi… Hang in there! While I’m sure this isn’t fun now, it WILL pay off in the long run!


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