One day or day one?


Hurd posted this and it got me thinking about all the false starts and random plans I had. I’m pretty sure you can relate.

  • Planning… next year I will do/teach differently.
  • Well, next semester I will redo that lesson and try teaching it another way.
  • or the most famous when the calendar hits 2018/2019, etc I will start:____ (fill in the blank with the million and one resolutions we all make)

What I really liked about this is the idea of starting right now. It is really important to start and there is no better time than right this very second.

I know I sometimes fear change and it is way easier to just say I’ll do it differently next time. Next time is awesome because it sometimes never comes.

So what is my day one?

Planning to change PD. I want to call some of our cohorts PD+1 or maybe +1PD like a +1 you see on a wedding invitation. So when you join one of our training cohorts you bring a +1, you bring a friend who will attend all the trainings with you. I’m hoping that we can pair up some department heads with teachers, that small team has a much better chance of making an impact than any single teacher.

Summer PD. What if we had a series of classes called What are these kids on? Have one hour sessions on Fortnite, snap, Instagram, etc. The teacher spends one hour exploring one single topic. Maybe this will help teachers overcome the disconnect some have with their students. Brian storming some options today.

Assistant Principal PD – they get left out of a lot. We could create a shorter session to make sure they are on the same page. Principals meet at least once a month, why can’t the assistants?

Slack book study – I already did two of these but I feel we need to make it bigger. Starting now I want to see if we can create some channels that are dedicated to just one grade level or department. Get people to talk more, share more.

Appy Hour – I’m just gonna send out an email about it. Today. We did this years ago with some success. We just met at a local shop before and after school.

3 thoughts on “One day or day one?

  1. I love seeing all of your great ideas consolidated like this! 🙂 You’re definitely pushing all of us in the right direction. Thanks, as always, for your willingness to think outside the box!


  2. PD can always be improved. I think the “What are the Kids On?” one is great. Understanding these new was of socializing will definitely help build connections with students!


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